Active birthing workshop sept 2018

Hot Yoga Dublin

Unit 5, Block 4, Burnell Green, Northern Cross, Malahide Road, Dublin 17

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Event Description

This popular birthing workshop informs and empowers both Mother and Birth Partner. Giving you the tools you need to get through what is probably the most important event in your life!!!

This workshop aims at empowering women and their partners to be actively involved and confident during labour and birth of their baby. Women benefit greatly in birth with this self- knowledge as does their partner. This workshop is fun, informative and very popular..........
During this workshop we will explore:
* The different stages of Birth
* How to get baby into an optimal birthing position before
and during birth
* The role hormones play during the different stages of birth
* Birthing Positions for the different stages of birth
* Breathing, Relaxation and massage methods that help
during birth
* The role of the Partner
* Become informed about medical intervenEons
* How to stay active at home and in hospital
* How to create a calm and stress free environment in
* How to create a birth preference list
* Postnatal Tips and lots more!
* Tips for the last 6wks of pregnancy preparing for birth


We will end our day will a blissfull Yoga nidra to enhance and connect a sense of calm, peace & relaction for you, your birth partner & your Baby..............

Full Day active birthing course including manual, yoga nidra relaxation, Questions & answers session with Melissa & her assistant Jane...... and the all important tea & biscuits breaks :)!!!


Map of Event Location
Sunday, September 30th, 201811:00 am –  5:30 pm