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Bulletproof your body - weekend with Tate englund

Friday, February 03, 2023 - Sunday, February 05, 2023

07:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Hot Yoga Dublin

Hot Yoga Dublin | YogaNextDoor | Dublin | Malahide, Malahide Road, Northern Cross, Dublin 17, Ireland

What to expect during the weekend:

Yoga is about building balance between strength and flexibility but so often we push ourselves into poses and damage our bodies because we don’t have the right set up. This weekend is about building your practice for long-term stability so you can grow and deepen your practice. The weekend focuses on injury prevention and management and is great for students (yoga, pilates, runners, cyclists) and/or teachers wanting to safeguard their students and learn more about functional yoga.

Friday evening

7pm - 9pm

Bullet Proof Your Body - A 2 hour masterclass

Using Functional Range of Motion to build control over our bodies & exploring the use of CARs to lubricate and nourish the joints for better health, stability and a stronger safer practice.

Saturday morning

10.30am - 12.30pm

Unlock Your Hips - A 2 hour workshop

Dive into the anatomy of the hip joint and learn to use the hip joint safely and efficiently in every category of postures. Plus working and practicing with hip pain, injury or dysfunction.

Saturday Afternoon

2pm - 4pm

Shoulder Stability A 2 hour workshop

Keeping shoulders strong and healthy for better arm balance and inversions, injury protection, deeper, more comfortable backbends and a better quality of life.

Sunday morning

10.30am - 12.30pm

Revisiting the Classics A 2 hour workshop

Revisit classical postures and look at exactly what is going on here; from the anatomy of the pose, to how you can make it work better and more efficiently for your body.

Who is it for: Anyone with a body that wants a better understanding of how it works, and to learn how to train it properly for happy, healthy muscles and joints.


Influenced by injuries and obsession with anatomy, Tate Englund, an E-

500RYT, specializes in functional, technique-based vinyasa. Studying

years with Jason Crandell, inspired by the teachings of Dr. Andreo Spina, a

sports specialist, and the mindfulness meditation teachings of Cindy Lee

and others, Tate continues to refine his teaching and personal practice,

working to improve quality of life by focusing on the balance between

strength & flexibility.

Tate believes that yoga is a practice of self inquiry, less about the pretty

shapes, and more about what the postures are trying to do. If we can

understand the actions & the functionality, it allows the practice to be more

about the impact it has on our daily life.

Based in Seattle, Tate has thousands of hours teaching public classes,

leading teacher trainings, yoga immersions, workshops and retreats around

the world.


Tate specializes in his signature style of functional, technique-based

vinyasa. Tate’s teachings are challenging, yet accessible, where he blends,

alignment, strength & mindfulness to get students to truly understand what

is happening in their body in the moment. His clear, concise verbal cuing

allows for students to move into, hold, and move out of postures safely and

successfully. Tate’s teaching has a focus on creating better balance

between strength and flexibility for a long term, sustainable yoga practice.

Tate wants students to understand that every physical body is different,

therefore every asana practice should be unique. He firmly believes we

need to stop trying to get our bodies to fit within the postures and get the

postures to fit our bodies.

Tate continuously challenges his students to ask why, to look within and

understand that yoga is a practice of self-inquiry.

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