Mandala Vinyasa - A 360° Perspective of Dynamic Yoga

Saturday, November 28, 2020
04:30 PM - 06:00 PM
Hot Yoga Dublin
Unit 5, Block 4, Burnell Green, Northern Cross, Malahide Road, Dublin 17

Mandala Vinyasa - A 360° Perspective of Dynamic Yoga

Welcome to Mandala Vinyasa, where we move in complete and symmetrical circles on our mats. There are four different Mandala practices in total, each has the exact same structure of Sun Salutations, Standing, Seated and Closing segments. The practices from Dulce Aguilar of The Yoga People, are a powerful blend of her own teachings from Shiva Rae, The Rocket of Larry Shultz and the Tripsichore method of Edward Clarke; so you can expect a very playful and dynamic yoga practice that will offer you new ways of transitioning through vinyasas and creative arm balances, both at the front and the back of your mat to build and develop your strength and control. Often students notice how much more creative and powerful their own practices become after learning the Mandala methods.

Although the Practices can be taken to all levels, their true beauty is that Beginner Yogis can also access the Mandalas. In this workshop it is the intention to offer moments where we can demystify and integrate transitions and inversions for all levels of Yogi. A brief moment of Yin Yoga will open the Practice, focussing the mind and the body for the Asanas ahead.

The most important aspect of the four Mandala Practices is that they are each based on an element and its corresponding Chakra so, Earth and Muladhara, Water and Svadhisthana, Fire and Manipura and Air and Anahata. Hot Yoga Dublin welcomes you to the element of Fire where we will open the spine and sides of the body in twisting movements, activating Manipura Chakra, the seat of our personal power. Come and feel the Tapas burn away what no longer serves you, centering you firmly in your own Power.

Nicola is an explorer of many paths in an eternal and open minded quest to find out how to be a better human and live a life filled with joy.  One of her biggest loves in life is the practice of Yoga, with its ancient and glorious teachings, filled with wisdom on how to heal ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally.  Discovering Yoga led Nicola to take over 800 Hours of Yoga trainings in Ashtanga, Yin Yoga & the Chakras, The Rocket, Children’s Yoga and Post Natal Yoga to date, with further Celtic Shamanic Healing studies planned for next year, along with recently being invited to learn the ceremonial arts in giving Cacao Ceremonies.   Nicola often assists on Teacher Trainings for The Yoga People and also mentors newer Yoga Teachers in the start of their journeys.

Working with the Mandala Vinyasa methodology from Dulce Aguilar of The Yoga people is where Nicola’s love of teaching and practicing really took off.  The Mandala method derives from Shiva Rae, The Rocket of Larry Shultz and the Tripsichore method of Edward Clarke, and also incorporates aspects of Yin Yoga.  There are four perspectives of the Mandala; Earth, Water, Fire and Air.  These are four movement based practices that will feel similar in feel to The Rocket in terms of structure and pace, but will open the body in still greater and deeper dimensions.  Nicola often sees Students accessing poses that may have felt previously challenging and finds this to be a hugely rewarding part of guiding these Practices.  The Mandala feels to epitomise Nicola’s beliefs, which is that we are ever evolving creatures in the spiral of life.

Remaining open is what Nicola believes is the key to living a life of joy; once we start along this path to self knowledge to feeling whole and better, many more paths and communities appear.  

Her gratitude is always to all Teachers, fellow Yogis, Students and all Creatures who have reflected the Self back to her.

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