Mandala Vinyasa Methodology 20Hr Teacher Training - with Dulce Aguilar

Hot Yoga Dublin

Fri November 15th 2019 10:00 am – Sun November 17th 2019 5:00 pm (GMT)

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A journey into the Mandala Vinyasa Laboratory, learn to move 360 degrees all around, breathing and flowing through asanas, inversions and introspection.

o   Certification: 20 hours towards The Yoga People / Yoga Alliance Certifications.

o   Dates: 15th - 17th Nov

o   Times: 10:00am - 6:00pm (on Sunday we will finish at 5:00pm).


o   Regular price €525

o   Early bird: €465 if full payment received by 1 Nov 2019

What is included:

o   Tuition, Materials & Yoga Alliance Certification.


Course intention: assisting getting into yourself through Asana, Pranayama & Meditation.

o   10:00 -- 10:30   Pranayama / Meditation

o   10:30 -- 12:30       Mandala Practice

o   12:30 – 14:00    Mandala Methodology

o   15:00 -- 16:30    Practicum

o   16:30 -- 18:00    Second Practice / Meditation

·  Mandala Practice – Vinyasa Flow

The practice will work towards a firm intention, in this case a specific Element following the main structure of Ashtanga Vinyasa. 

o   Sun Salutes / Warm Up: done in a spiralling way around the mat. This is a preparation of the group of the muscles which open the gates of the energy centres to work.

o   Standing / Seated: vinyasas set of poses that continue to massage the specific group of muscles chosen. Deeper meditation will be reached in this stage.

o   Closing Sequences: maximum contemplation and the sealing of energy through different methods.

o   Mandala Methodology

During this session, you will learn how to sequence a class in a Mandala Format. The 4 vignettes of the practice (Sun Salutes, Standing, Seated & Closing) will be explained through lectures and group exercises. 

o   Practicum

This is the coming together of each day, the moment to feel what we learned. As a group we will practice the class that we have designed in the previous "Mandala Methodology" session.


Dulce  (Blue Rhytmic Storm) has been following a path of yoga, self-inquiry and shamanic tradition since 2003. She decided to dedicate her life to share her passion for yoga & healing throughout America, Europe & Asia. Her path includes Mayan Astronomy, Chakra Theory as well as influences from Rocket, Mandala & Tripsichore in Vinyasa flow as well as Yin Yoga. Her intention is to create a more balanced version of herself, where she is able to recognize her own shadows in order to have a freer experience in life. Her teachings are guided to encourage a road of self-responsibility where you are able to follow the path that resides inside your heart. 

Dulce designed the Mandala Vinyasa System based on the Elements and is the Co-Founder and Course Director of The Yoga People.


Cancellation Policy:

All deposits are non-refundable. Aside from your €200 deposit. If you cancel less than 60 days before course start date, 90% of remaining payments will be refunded.less than 30 days cancellation 75% of remaining payments will be refunded.


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