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Air Element - Backbends and pathway to Pincha with Ducle

Saturday, November 16, 2019 - Sunday, November 17, 2019
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Hot Yoga Dublin
Unit 5, Block 4, Burnell Green, Northern Cross, Malahide Road, Dublin 17
Three workshops - Option to attend one or ALL!!
Friday November 15th

4.30pm - 6.15pm

The Earth Element Workshop: Hamstrings & Handstands

The intention of the Mandala Vinyasa practice is to honour the creative energy in all its manifestations. It opens us to a deeper level or introspection as we move and expand around the mat. It allows us to access a deeper level of awareness than what we might experience through a more linear practice.

We practice with the energy of the Earth when we want to become more steady and stable. The practice of Earth activates the Kidney & Urinary bladder Meridians (head to feet connection) by focusing on asanas that target the muscles of the Hamstrings.

We will have live music and chanting come flow and feel Alive :)

A Workshop you wont forget !

Sat 16th of November

10am - 12.30am

The Air Element: Backbends a pathway into Pincha Mayurasana

The methodology behind this workshop is based on honouring the ever-changing energy in the here and now. Working with the Mayan calendar, which operates under the principle of going with the flow of the specific energy of the day. We practice with Air when we need lightness and opening, we will activate the Stomach and Spleen Meridians by focusing on asanas that target the opening of the front of the body through backbends that will become a gate into forearm inversions.

Sunday 17th Nov

10am - 12.30am

The Fire Element: Twist and the Swan Archetypes

The power of the practice resides in the fact that it follows a specific purpose and methodology. This can be a focus towards an element, a chakra or a muscle group. This clear intention of the practice allows us to revisit the  target areas of the body that helps us reach our goal. This repetition is a constant message that starts with Yin Yoga, runs through Sun Salutations and is reinforced in different perspectives in both the standing and seated series.

In this Fire Mandala workshop, we focus on Fire as this is the element of will power and transformation. Fire is positive, assertive, energetic, enthusiastic, impulsive, inspirational, courageous, powerful, passionate, and initiating. The practice of Fire activates the Gallbladder Meridian by focusing on twists and the muscle group of the glutes. 


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