The Goodness Within Workshop with Marianna KindLivingYoga

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Unit 5, Block 4, Burnell Green, Northern Cross, Malahide Road, Dublin 17

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Event Description

The Goddess Within:

In an era where many women and men still struggle to fight for what they dream in life and for the respect that they deserve as human beings, especially as we have witnessed recently the #metoo movement and the rise of male suicide attempts rate, together with  mental illnesses and depression becoming a wider problem, I have created The Goddess Within workshop inspired by the ‘’red tent movement’’ as a way for men and women to gather and express their femminine energy side in a safe space.

Just like the Yin and Yang , our Yin side (the left side) of the body relates to the feminine and our yang energy (the right side) to the masculine. Honoring and connecting to the Divine Feminine is an act of worship, not only to oneself, but also to Nature and the universal power of creation.


We will start talking about the 3 main stages of the femminine energy power followed by a mandala practice to awaken our body and intuition. 

After the practice we will split into pairs and learn to give a basic Ayurveda shoulder and neck massage followed by a rose face wash.  This helps to create a strong bond of connection between ourselves and others which can then be applied into our life relationships.

It’s a workshop that allows you to recharge and to open up the heart fully so that we let go of anything that doesn’t serve us anymore. 


About Marianna:

''My journey to become a Yoga teacher started a long long time ago, my clients sometimes ask me how can someone of my age have so much knowledge about life and Yoga therapy...of course i had the chance to train with some of the best Yoga gurus in London, but i have to thank the child inside of me most for my strength from overcoming many past traumas.  It has been a long road of discovery to find who i was, and I had to experience first hand the abusive episodes I had within my family as a child and teenager.  Long story short, I escaped from my home town to study and work in London, and I came here thinking that i was ok and stable enough to live by myself with all my baggage of sadness and anger but it wasn't the way.  I ended up with eating disorders and a dangerous cycle of self harm both physically and mentally.  But i had to find peace, and strength an I soon got to the point where i felt i touched the ground for the first time, and that's when I attended my first yoga class.  That yoga class changed my life completely. I got fired from my office job and i took that as a blessing and devoted the next 6 months attending yoga classes and giving myself time to recharge, I started to heal my body with plant based food and I was shocked at the amount of well-being i felt after just a few weeks on this diet. Since 2013 eating vegan food and doing yoga has transformed my life and soul completely and it still supports me in  my career in fitness and well being to help spread the vegan message and inspire others to be more healthy, to feel connected to life and nature and to become the best version of themselves....''

My Achievements:

From 2013 Marianna can be found perfecting many a barre body, teaching everything from Barre, Pilates,  Yoga, Myofascial stretch, sculpt and post natal classes. 

She has over 400RYS hours in Hot Power Yoga and Yin Yoga and is one of the few lucky individuals to be taught by one of only two Forrest Yoga gurus in Europe.  Her philosophy when it comes to yoga is to adapt ancient teachings to seamlessly blend into our modern day hectic and body transforming lives, realigning, strengthening and open up ourselves mentally and spiritually.  

Marianna is also a Reiki healing practitioner & Ayurveda Body therapist: ” Body Anatomy  has always been a big passion of mine and I love treating post Natal women, people recovering from injuries and working with people wanting to improve their posture and feel great in their body. I’ve learnt through the years of my training specific deep tissue and body work techniques to help my clients experience a sense of complete wellbeing“ Marianna 

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Saturday, October 20th, 2018 4:30 pm –  7:00 pm