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Yoga with Resistance Bands Teacher Training 

(16 hrs CPD with YA) Friday May 24th, 7pm -9pm Saturday May 25th, 9.30pm - 5.30pm Sunday May 26th, 9.30pm - 5.30pm

Are you intrigued by resistance bands and how to add them into your yoga practice? Do you feel like the yoga postures aren’t keeping you as strong as you need to be to stay pain free? 

Maybe you’re hypermobile and know you need to work on stabilizing. Or maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t feel weak, I feel tight! Doesn’t that mean I need to stretch more?” Not necessarily…

Sometimes tightness is the way our brain lets you know your joints are unstable. One way to soothe the brain so the muscles can be like ‘I got this, boss! Don’t worry!’ is to make those muscles stronger. Therefore, getting stronger is sometimes a better solution to pain and tightness than passive stretching. 

(Note: passive stretching is perfectly fine thing to do, it just doesn’t make you stronger.)

The Yoga with Resistance Bands Teacher Training is designed to provide you with the practice and teaching know-how to incorporate resistance bands into a yoga practice and work to build strength progressively. Resistance bands are an accessible and effective strength-building tool to incorporate in group settings, private sessions or your personal practice. You do not need to be a teacher to benefit from the skills and knowledge imparted in this training, although previous yoga practice experience is recommended.

Why resistance bands?

The constant tensile feedback from a resistance band means, as we move against it, our nervous system gets more feedback. We get stronger, but better, our nervous system learns more and our motor control improves. Improved motor control is a proven way to decrease pain.

In The Yoga with Resistance Bands Teacher Training you will learn:

n The Yoga with Resistance Bands Teacher Training you will:

  • Learn four class sequences themed around a pose category - standing poses, backbends, inversions, arm balances. All poses within the sequences will incorporate one or more resistance bands.

  • Become familiar with the logistics of incorporating resistance bands in group classes and master how to introduce them skillfully to students of varying levels of strength and ability.

  • Practice incorporating progression and regression strategies for skillful Yoga with Resistance Band class sequences that include knowledge around how to:

    • Increase and decrease external resistance of the bands (aka finding the right resistance for the person and task.)

    • Increase and decrease range of motion within poses to help students maximize stability and muscle force output (muscle tension.)

    • Change pose orientation to regress, progress or work new avenues of strength within poses and exercises.

    • Change the body’s lever length to progress and regress the demands of an exercise or pose.

    • Adequately prepare the body for whole task exercises by deconstructing the exercise into part task skills.

  • Discover how the resistance bands act as ‘external ligaments’ to provide either resistance or assistance depending on the muscles targeted in the movement and the body’s relationship to gravity.

  • Study relevant anatomy and biomechanics principles as a means to better skillfully apply the addition of resistance bands to meet individual students’ needs.

  • Learn how resistance bands can provide joint tractioning for improved joint congruency (aka “bony fit”) during movement.

  • Key into how resistance bands can provide joint approximation (joint surface compression) for enhanced proprioception (felt awareness of position in space) globally as well as at individual joints.

  • Apply incorporating resistance bands to provide global feedback to the body for improved coordination of complex movement patterns, as well as enhanced motor control and balance.

Get ready to dose your yoga practice with some serious strength! Feel stronger in your body. Inspire your creativity to innovate your practice and teaching. And experience old poses like new again! Finally, prepare to share this newfound inspiration with your students!

Teacher Bio:

Laurel Beversdorf, B.F.A, E-RYT 500, is the creator of Yoga with Resistance Bands Classes and Trainings and Body of Knowledge™ Anatomy and Biomechanics workshops. 

A Yoga Tune Up® trainer and senior teacher and teacher trainer for YogaWorks, 

Laurel regularly presents trainings and workshops at locations like Kripalu, YogaWorks, and studios across the world. An interdisciplinary movement educator specializing in anatomy, biomechanics and yoga teaching pedagogy, Laurel is committed to raising the bar on the content and quality of yoga education. She teaches in order to help her students reclaim and strengthen a sense of power and belonging in their bodies, the bodies through which they share their gifts and transform the world. 

Laurel is based out of YogaWorks in NYC. You can learn more about her online at

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May 24th, 2019  7:00 pmMay 26th, 2019  5:30 pm