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Face Yoga - Lift, tone, and activate your facial muscles with Agnes

Sunday, September 25, 2022

10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Hot Yoga Dublin

Hot Yoga Dublin | YogaNextDoor | Dublin | Malahide, Malahide Road, Northern Cross, Dublin 17, Ireland

Face yoga is a series of facial exercises intended to lift, tone, and activate your facial muscles so you can achieve a more youthful look and improve your skin’s appearance.

When performing the poses, you stimulate and improve your blood circulation which increases collagen and elastin production.

This results in a tighter and plumper skin with a more glowing complexion. Many skincare and anti-aging strategies can only target your external appearance, but with face yoga you will learn how to work from within.

When you choose the natural path of face yoga to bring out the best of your beauty, you also discover the amazing lifestyle change that comes along with this unique skin care practice.

Eyes & Forehead

How do you prevent the forehead -and 11 lines from becoming deeper and more visible? How do you get your big and bright eyes back and fight droopiness and loose skin?

If you are ready to learn some of the most effective poses to see and feel a change in the Forehead & Eyes area you should join this workshop and prepare yourself to feel the sensations?


- Introduction to the Forehead & Eyes

- Exploration of the muscle anatomy

- We are going to build your physical awareness for the areas between your eyes and around your forehead and I will teach the most effective poses that targets crow's feet, 11 lines, forehead wrinkles, and dark circles!!!

Mouth, Cheeks & Nasolabial Lines

Want to work on a more symmetrical smile and lift the corners of your mouth? Want to learn how to define and contour your cheeks, reduce nasolabial lines and make the area more youthful and smoothe?

I will present the most powerful poses to firm and lift up your cheeks and the corners of your mouth so you can create your dream smile.


- Introduction to the mouth, cheeks, and nasolabial lines areas and how they are connected - Exploration of the muscle anatomy

- Discussion about asymmetry in the cheek and mouth area

Neck & Jawline

We all dread the turkey neck effect setting in. In this workshop you can learn how to sculpt this area to get a swan neck instead!

You will discover how you can:

- tone your neckline prevent the double chin effect - tighten up your jawline reduce jowls

- prevent "turkey" neck and smooth out the ares


- Introduction to the Neck & Jawline muscle anatomy

- Discussion of the causes of double chin, sagging jowls, and the turkey neck effect

- Exploration of exercises to tone and tighten neck and jawline

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