Hands on Assisting with Amy Ippoliti (27hrs CPD)

Hot Yoga Dublin

Unit 5, Block 4, Burnell Green, Northern Cross, Malahide Road, Dublin 17


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Both Trainings (54hrs CPD) Early €715.01
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Event Description

Hands on Assisting Module

A skillful hands-on adjustment in a yoga class can be transformational and life-changing for your students! At the same time, an inadequate adjustment is more detrimental than no adjustment at all. Learn how to give masterful hands-on assists that are both educational and empowering for your students while you discover the art of service and attention through refining your therapeutic touch under Amy’s watchful eye.

This module is designed to provide you with advanced skills in a wide variety of manual assists in order to add depth and sophistication to your teachings by practicing hands-on adjustments in the context of group settings, private sessions, or in large public settings.

Come explore adjustments for a full spectrum of poses in a delicious exchange of loving hands that will radically expand your teaching repertoire!

You will learn:

  • What the different types of touch are and when to use them.
  • The difference between therapeutic, opening, stabilizing and positioning assists.
  • Methods for centering yourself before teaching to help enhance the energy behind your touch.
  • Hold your own body safely during hands-on adjustments to prevent common assisting injuries
  • How to connect with a student before giving an adjustment to build trust.
  • How to give verbal adjustments before touching a student, to help empower their understanding.
  • Methods to be crystal clear when touching a student so that they actually move with you and improve their pose!
  • Observation techniques to help you know when and who to adjust first in a class.
  • How to adjust with the breath as your ally.
  • When to use props as part of an adjustment.

As with all modules in the 90 Monkeys Advanced Teacher Training Curriculum, this topic will be explored through a career and business lens in order to help you shine as a knowledgeable yoga teacher!

Map of Event Location
April 5th, 2019  9:00 amApril 8th, 2019  1:30 pm