Kids Yoga Summer Camp - July 3rd to 6th

Hot Yoga Dublin

Unit 5, Block 4, Burnell Green, Northern Cross, Malahide Road, Dublin 17

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Event Description

4 Day Kids Yoga Camp - Ages 5 -10yrs

Date: Mon July 3rd - Thurs July 6th inclusive
Times : 2pm -4.30pm 

Places limited to 15 children - Pre booking essentail
Pm or contact 0870521081 for more details 

Small Packed snack & drink required each day.
Price €90 for 4 days.
Nicola Foxe from yoyoyoga & Jane Nolan from Hotyogadublin will be hosting this mindful yoga camp..... Filled withFun, adventure, Relxaxation & yoga techniques..... if you are looking for something different yet resourceful that will benefit your child why not come yoga with us :)
Monday July 3rd:
Theme will be Grounding down and optional colour red!
this day will encompasses tuning into our senses though playful games, we will be incorpoating a calming yoga class and teaching the children how to embrace quite time techniques in oreder to overcome stress or frustration.......

Tuesday July 4th:
Theme will be "Go wth the Flow" and optional colour Orange!
We will be exploring taste and teachig the children how to make Raw cacca bites :) 
we will explore breathwork with the children though yoga and movement and will finish todays class with a mini- mindfull relaxtion with eye pillows.....

Wednesday July 5th:
Theme will be "Willpower & belonging" and optional colour Yellow!
Today will be exploring the Calm down jar and teaching the children how to use it off the mat in life....... we will be focusing on memory games and will incorporate that into the yoga practice...

Thursday July 6th:
Theme will be "Communication & creativity" and optional colour Blue!
we will open todays class with poses to open the shoulder, neck and chest areas the children will be making music and leading th eclass through various compliations that they create!!! we will be finish off the camp with a fun filled yoga practice, incorpating all the elements of the week together......

Map of Event Location
July 3rd, 2017  2:00 pmJuly 6th, 2017  2:30 pm