Rock your Asana - Handstands mini course

Saturday, September 04, 2021 - Saturday, September 25, 2021
05:00 PM - 06:30 PM
Hot Yoga Dublin
Hot Yoga Dublin | YogaNextDoor | Dublin | Malahide, Malahide Road, Northern Cross, Dublin 17, Ireland

Rock Your Asana - The Most Fun You Can Have

Isn't it time to enjoy your body again?

Handstands are just about the most fun you can have without additional objects involved. It also turns out to be a whole practice of attention, coordination, and strength in one package. As a practice it teaches us patience because we make a lot of minor improvements which build up over time until we "suddenly" float into an upside-down world.

So we are offering this course of six classes to enable you to move the needle on your handstand practice with some extended, focussed attention. Each class is 90 minutes, and will include wall work, partner work, and center work directly on handstands.

Expect to have a lot of fun while the time flies away faster than we can use it.




Saturdays - 17:00-18:30

Date & Description

28 Aug 2021 Introduction, Assessment, Confidence

4 Sep 2021 Strength and Assisting

11 Sep 2021 Reversing the Body #1: Hands as Feet

18 Sep 2021Reversing the Body #2: Inversion of Control

25 Sep 2021 Core Stability

2 Oct 2021 Forward Folds and Floating Up

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