Yin Yang strength workshop with Susan

Saturday, October 16, 2021
11:30 AM - 01:15 PM
Hot Yoga Dublin
Unit 5, Block 4, Burnell Green, Northern Cross, Malahide Road, Dublin 17

Saturday Oct 16th

11.30am - 1.15pm


The focus of this Yin Yang workshop is 360 degrees hip mandala.

In this sequence of postures we focus on strengthening and stretching the inner, outer, front and back hips as we move full circle around the mat. Building flexibility and mobility with stability for our biggest everyday player!

We start the workshop with a breathing meditation, then continue with some yin poses.

Yin yoga targets the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues – ligaments, joints, bones, the deep fascia networks of the body and the meridians. This is contrast to a Yang yoga practice such as Vinyasa flow which targets the muscles.

It’s slower and more meditative, giving you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body.

We then move in to a Yang Yoga mandala flow sequence, which involves moving from one posture to another in a more flowing sequence. It’s warming, and increases blood flow, building strength, stamina and fluidity.

As the asana practice end, susan will guide you through a journey of sound, where healing vibrations and sensations from beautiful instruments such as crystal bowls, chimes and voice, will weave their magic over and through you. Expect a unique, sensory experience.

Take a break from the stresses of life and enjoy this combination of Yin and Yang, relaxation and fun! 

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